New Technology Positions Nova Scotia for Economic Growth

February 29, 2016

The Nova Scotia Provincial Government has launched a state-of-the-art positioning system that provides highly accurate, real-time locations down to the millimetre level.   

Forty, permanent GPS stations have been strategically installed on structures around the province to enable unprecedented access to high accuracy positioning. This infrastructure investment is good news for Nova Scotians as it allows for greater efficiencies in industry and provides opportunities for new technologies to emerge.

Every technology that uses position information in our Province has the potential to get smarter and more accurate.  Emergency services, drones, vehicle guidance systems, marine navigation systems and mapping products all have the opportunity to benefit from the technology.  Tractors, graders and other heavy equipment are already being guided by the technology in Nova Scotia, creating significant economic benefits. What used to take hours to days to perform is now being achieved in minutes. The technology has contributed to an economic boost in other parts of the world and positions Nova Scotia to do the same

Dr. Jason Bond reviews the history behind the development of the technology and how the technology works through two articles that have been published in the Canadian Institute of Geomatics journal,Geomatica, Volume 69, Number 4. View or download the evolution and modernization articles.

For more information visit Canadian Institute of Geomatics, Publisher of Geomatica.