Check the Pulse!

1 May 2015

GeoPulse launch is raising geoawareness in government.  Everyone uses geographic information every day – and they might not even know it. 

Geographic information provides the foundation behind so many tools that help you discover where you are in the world – and we want to increase that geoawareness across government.

Congratulations to GIS Specialist John MacKinnon

29 Apr 2015

Congratulations to GIS Specialist, John MacKinnon, whose submission to ESRI Canada’s 2015 Maps and Apps Calendar Contest was selected as one of the 12 shortlist entries from over 60 submissions received. His submission was also one of nine finalists. ESRI is a privately held, Canadian-owned company that provides world-class enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions, so this is quite an accomplishment and honour for both John and GIS. John’s map submission is featured in ESRI’s 2015 Calendar, which is sent to over 9,000 GIS professionals across the country.

Location based information just got smarter.

9 Apr 2015

Active control stations are collecting better positions than ever before. That foundation will help to create better mapping and better decisions.

A two year GPS Spatial Referencing System project has been approved for funding in the provincial capital plan for 2015/16.

Led by Geographic Information Services, the Nova Scotia Spatial Referencing Viewer will be updated with modern GPS-enabled survey monuments that will provide complete province-wide coverage.

Is there anything Stable on Sable Island?

12 Mar 2015

Scientists know that the mainland of Nova Scotia is moving 1 millimeter per year horizontally and 1.5 millimeters per year vertically (it is subsiding). Much less is known about Sable Island and its behavior. The same GPS technology that allows the mainland’s movements to be modelled has been recently been installed on Sable Island. The data that is generated will allow long term trends in the position to be analyzed so that a better understanding of the behavior of the island can be attained.