COGS 2016 - Student Success Awards

25 May 2016

The College of Geographic Sciences recently hosted its Student Awards Banquet. GeoNOVA sponsored awards were presented to Natasha Fee (James F. Doig Award) and Margie Massier (GeoNOVA Award), two well deserving geomatics students. On behalf of GeoNOVA, Geographic Information Services, congratulations and best of luck to all 2016 COGS grads!

Provincial Government adds LIDAR data holdings to the Open Data Portal

6 May 2016

Lidar mapping in the Province is now available under an open license via Nova Scotia's Open Data Portal. Lidar (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) is described as an optical remote sensing technology which measures properties of scattered light and/or information of a distant target. It combines laser, GPS and inertial navigation systems to produce highly accurate topographic maps with accuracy within a few centimetres.

Province Seeks Public Feedback on Harvesting Plans

7 Apr 2016

Nova Scotia government  has streamlined the way it seeks input about Harvesting Plans on Crown Land. The public will no longer have to download large static maps to see what plans the government has for harvesting on Crown Land.   A new way to engage with the general public provides a wealth of up to date geographic information shared through map visualization.  Speedy access, easy to use interface and the opportunity to provide feedback for Licensees complements the user experience.

New Technology Positions Nova Scotia for Economic Growth

29 Feb 2016

The Nova Scotia Provincial Government has launched a state-of-the-art positioning system that provides highly accurate, real-time locations down to the millimetre level.   

Forty, permanent GPS stations have been strategically installed on structures around the province to enable unprecedented access to high accuracy positioning. This infrastructure investment is good news for Nova Scotians as it allows for greater efficiencies in industry and provides opportunities for new technologies to emerge.

Provincial Government hosts GIS Day

10 Nov 2015

Come join us in our GIS day celebration and discover how the theme of Innovative Geography is being applied across the Provincial Government. Our GIS Day Event Information:

Provincial Landscape Viewer

21 Oct 2015

Provincially-owned land in Nova Scotia has many demands on it and we must manage this asset sustainably and efficiently. Sustainable land management requires accurate, integrated and easily accessible information that can be used to make better decisions. This allows the Province to use provincially-owned land for public benefit, protect it for future generations and emphasize the values of good stewardship.

The Provincial Landscape Viewer is an online map‑based tool that has been developed to:

NS Base Mapping Final Report (2015)

21 Oct 2015

Geographic Information Services has published the Nova Scotia Base Mapping Final Report (2015). A high level review of the Province of Nova Scotia’s base mapping program was conducted. Base mapping clients and stakeholders were engaged in the review of the following foundation geographic datasets: